We gals at The Portable Chef love to cook.  We create new menus to suit our
guests' event, style, theme, budget and time frame.  Our food is consistently
flavorful and our table design and fabric selection are like no other in the
Kansas City area.  We like the unpredictable.  Mixing colors, textures and
levels helps make our buffets pop.  I mean really, what’s better than a
popping buffet?  
Dinner menus are necessary for many occasions (salad, entrée, starch,
vegetable, bread and dessert).  But when you want to bring on the
presentation nothing says it better than heavy hors d’oeuvres.
Appetizers are a full meal when balanced correctly.  
Your guests will not be starving to death.
Heavy hors d'oeuvres buffets are more interesting to look at.  Your
food is not confined to a salad bowl, chafing dish, chafing dish,
chafing dish, bread basket and dessert plate.
Appetizer spreads allow you to present a wider variety of flavors and
food styles without seeming crazy.  
Foods that are served chilled or room temperature are much more
fun to work with.  You can go up and out with your displays.  Chafing
dishes are stifling!
We love interesting and fresh heavy hors d'oeuvres parties and
the people who book 'em.
Kim Fowler
2605 SW Winterview Circle
Lee's Summit, MO  64081
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